US PHARMACY – Tired of Those Annoying Spam Telemarketer Calls?

Tired of those US Pharmacy spam telemarketing calls?

You know those calls… US Pharmacy rings your phone like clockwork at 12 noon, 4:30 pm, and 8:00 pm, from some spoofed number, to sell you some Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Naturally, the caller sounds just like one of us, with a heavy Indian accent. You politely ask them not to call anymore, yet the calls still come!

Do you really want to have some fun with these guys? Doug at Clyde Fitch Report figured out that their call center employees are not allowed to be the first to hang up the phone. That’s right, you can keep talking to them about nonsense, until they beg you to hang up the phone.

Don’t have time to keep the bhenchod on the other end of the phone busy? No worries, just keep this list of Hindi gaali at the ready, and you can tell these guys exactly what is on your mind. They hang up pretty quickly after a barrage of MCBC and TMKC. (that’s “madarch*d bhench*d” and “teri maa ki ch*t” for the gora to understand!)

In, Out, LBW

Sardarji has 3 trays in his office for files:


Someone asked, “Sardarji, what is this LBW for?”

Sardarji: Let the Bhenchod Wait.

Bra Panties

An American lady is window-shopping in Delhi. Suddenly she realizes she is late for an appointment. She is not wearing a watch so she sees a small shop on the roadside goes to the shop and asks in very American accent to the shopkeeper…

– What is the time?

The shopkeeper is a very patriotic man and hates foreigners and their English accent while speaking. So he replies back in the same accent – Bra-panties!

Confused the lady asks again: No! No! What’s the time???

The shopkeeper again answers back: Bra-panties!!!

– “Bra-panties???” The lady retorted.

Seeing the confusion going between the two a passerby comes to the rescue of the lady and says: “Arre bhai, aap samjh nahin rahe ho!! Woh aapko time puuch rahii hai!!”

The angry shopkeeper shots back at him…
“Toh main bhi to unko time hee bataa rahan hun barah panthis (12:35)!!”

Chilli Powder

To avoid condom related accident, use 2 condoms with chilli powder in between them.

If outer one breaks, she will know; and if inner one breaks, you will know!

– William Madarchod

Job Recruiter

Received a call from a recruitment consultant. She said to me: “Sir I have two openings for you…!”

I replied: “Yes. I know.”

There was a long silence and then she said… “Madarchod.”

Stolen Honey

A beautiful thought to end the day. “Attitude Matters”

Once a Bird asked a Bee: After constant Hard-Work, You Prepare Honey. But a man comes & steals it. ‘Do you not feel sad’?

Wonderful reply by Bee: Tu apni maa chuda na bhosdike.

Two Cup Tea

Two British men go to a restaurant in Delhi.

One of the men orders from the waiter, “Two cup tea.”

The waiter shouts back:

“Tu kapti? Tu kapti, teri maa kapti, aur tera baap kapti! Saala bekar ka aadmi!”

Heathrow airport

At Heathrow airport, an announcement goes out over the public address system: “Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas! Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas – please report to the Reception desk”.

Ranchhodbhai Karsandas, who has just arrived ex Surat, goes red with anger. He goes to the reception, and shouts loudly to the English receptionist.

The following conversation must go into history books of cock-ups:

Ranchhodbhai: Madar Chod! I am Ranchhod.

Receptionist: Mr. Madar Chod Rand Chod? That is not the name I have. I have Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas.

Ranchhodbhai: Arrey Bhenchod! I am NOT Madar chod!

Receptionist: So you are Mr. Ben Chod?? Is your surname Ben or Chod?

Ranchhodbhai: (now really really pissed off) Chootia teri…! I am Ranchhod…

Receptionist: So who is Chootia Teri then?

Just then a Chinese guy turns up at the Reception.

Chinese Guy: Were you calling me?

Receptionist: Who are you?

Chinese Guy: I am Choo Tia Ta Rie.

Whereupon Mr. Ranchhodbhai Karsandas gives up and flies back to Surat. On his way to Security Check, he hears a call for a Mr. D.K. Bose whose name on the flight manifest was written as BOSE D.K.

“Mr. Bose DK, CALLING MR. BOSE DK, arrived from BHOSARI, PUNE, INDIA… Your son is waiting for you outside…”

Hindi slang swear words

Hindi slang swear words

Okay, gandu! I am tired of everyone stealing this work and calling it their own! This is the original file, only found here at! All others are copies. This list is frequently updated, so check here often.

this original list, found at
Aap kidhar gand ghees rahe ho?: Where are you rubbing your ass?
Wo kidhar gand ghees raha hai?: Where is he rubbing his ass?
Aap kidhar gaand mararahe ho
Tu kidhar gaand mararaha hai
Gand marna (i did it) / gand marana (you did it) / gand marwana (he did it)
Meri gand mari / maine gand marayi / mai teri, Kumar se gand marawaunga (I will get you fucked by Kumar)
ungli karna / unglia karana / ungli karwana:
chumna / chumana / chumwana
choosna / choosana / chooswana
hugnaa / hugana / hugwana
daalna / dalana / dalwana
gheesna / gheesana / gheswana
thokna / thukana / thukwana
chodna / chudana / chudwana
marna / marana / marwana
this original list, found at
Aap chutiya hai: You are an asshole
Aapke gaand mein bohot kide hein: Your relentless assholism roots from those insects which make you restless (literally: Your asshole has many insects)
Abla naari tera buble bhaari: woman, your tits are huge
Apna lund choos: Go and suck your own dick
Apni gaand mein muthi daal: Put your fist up your ass
Apni ma ko ja choos: Go suck your mom
Aand: Testes; Balls
Aandal: With Big Testes
Aandu: Stupid
Aandupana: Stupidity
Asal Ka: Born by the real father
Asal ka chuda: Born by the real father
this original list, found at
Aur jalaa mere (gand) / और जला मेरी गांड: I am jealous (literally: And burn my ass)
Bhen chod: Sister fucker
Bhai chod: Brother fucker
Beti chod: Daughter fucker
Bakri chod: Goat fucker
Bhosad chod: Pussy fucker
Bhadhava: Pimp
Bhosadike (bhosdika, bhosdike): Born from a rotten pussy (literally: from the rotten earth)
Bhosade mein ja: Fuck you (literally: get inside a swollen rotten vagina)
Badir: Idiot
Badirchand: Idiot
Bakland: Idiot
Bakwaas: nonsense, bullshit
Backarchodu: Goat-fucker
Bandaa: Semi-dick
Bandhar: monkey
Bhadwe ka awlat: Son of a pimp
Bhains ki aulad: Son of a buffalo
Bhen ke laude: Sister’s dick, dick for your sister
Bhen ke takke: Go and suck your sister’s balls
BHMB (bade ho ke maal banegi): young girl who will grow up to be a hottie
BMW (bade mammey waali): girl with large breasts
BhonsRi-Waalaa: You fucker
Buddha Khoosat: Old fart
Buhtah-nee ka: Son of a Witch
Bhadkhau: One who takes commission from a prostitute
Bol teri gand kaise maru: let me know how to fuck you in the ass
Booblay: Boobs
Bur ki chatani: Ketchup of cunt
Bumchod: Ass fucker
Bahenchod: Sister Fucker
Bahen ka loda: Dick for the Sister
Bahen ki choot: Sister’s pussy
Bhosdaa Very Wide Pussy
Bhosdi ka / Bhosdi wala Man with pussy; Asshole
Bhadwa; Bhaand Pimp
Bund; (B-u-nd) Asshole
Bund maraa le: Fuck your Asshole
Bur; Boor Pussy
this original list, found at
Char soh bis: Cheater, liar, fraudster (literally: 420, the number of the Indian penal code dealing with cheaters, fraud, etc)
Chodu: Fucker
Chusnawali/Chusnawala: Cocksucker (female/male)
Chutiya (chutia, chutiyah) / चूतिये: Fucker, bastard
चूतिये पीछे देख तेरा बाप खड़ा है: chutiye look behind your dad is standing
Chutiya chut ko badnam karta hai jab ki chut se insan banta hai
Chut, choot: pussy, vagina
Chutan: Fucker
Carrom board: Flat-chested
Chhola Phudakna: Throbbing clit
Chhota Muh aur Bada lund: Talking shit, talking big words while not having any authority or standing (literally: Small mouth and big dick)
CTBT, Chhoti Thi-tab Babe Thi: She would have been hot when she was young
Chunni: Clit
Chinaal: Whore
Chodra: Fucker
Chodu bhagat: Fucking asshole
Choochii: Breasts
Chudai khana: Whore house
Chudan chudai: Fucking games
Chut ka pujari: pussy worshipper (literally: priest who worships pussy)
Chut ka bhoot: Vaginal Ghost
Choot ke bhoot Vaginal ghost
Chup Ke: Shut Up
Chup Ke Chut Hai: Shut the Fuck up
chup karo (shut up)
chut karo (do the cunt)
Chodela: Fucked up
Chut marike (chut mari ke): Idiot, fucked up
Chut ke pasine mein talay huye bhajiye: Snack fried in pussy sweat
Chut ke dhakkan: Pussy lid
Chut ke gulam: Pussy whipped (literally: slave to the pussy)
Chutiya ka bheja ghas khane gaya hai: (literally: idiot’s brain has gone to eat grass; comparing someone to a stupid ruminant animal)
Choot marani ka: Pussy whipped
Choot ka baal: Hair of vagina
Chipkali ke jhaat ke baal: Lizard’s cunt hairs
Chipkali ke jhaat ke paseene: Sweat of Lizard’s pubic hair
Chipkali ke gaand ke pasine: Sweat of a lizard’s ass
Chipkali ke chut ke pasine: Sweat of reptiles cunt
Chipkali ki bhigi chut: Wet pussy of a wall lizard
Chinaal ke gadde ke nipple ke baal ke joon: Prostitute’s breast’s nipple’s hair’s lice
Chullu bhar muth mein doob mar: Drown yourself in a handful of semen
Cuntmama: Vaginal uncle
Chhed: Vagina (literally ‘hole’)
Chhaati Breasts or Chest
Choot / Chut Vagina
Chootad Buttocks; Hips
Chootadchod Butt Fucker
Chootiya Stupid
Chootiyapanti; Chootiyaapa Stupidity
Choochi Tit; Breast
Chudaai Fuck
Chudi Fucked
Chudwana Let Fuck herself
Chull Uthna Urge for sex
Chodnaa To Fuck
Chudaai Khaana Who make living from fucking; pimp
Chudaai Khaani Prostitute
this original list, found at
Desi ladki ko gora lund chahiye: Desi girl wants white dick
Desi ladki ko gora lund pasand hai: Desi girl likes white dick
Din me sister, raat me bistar: My sister by day, in my bed at night
Din mein bhaiyaa, raat mein sayya, aadhi raat mein, chaaiyya chaaiyaa: My brother by day, player by night, in the middle of the night, bang bang
Dhee ka lund Dick for the Daughter
Dhee chod Daughter Fucker
Dheela lund Loose Dick
this original list, found at
Fatay huay lundtopi ka: result Result of a torn condom
Fate condom ka natije: Result of ruptured condom
Fuddi Pussy
this original list, found at
Gaand: Ass
Gaandu, ghondoo: Asshole, born from an ass, faggot (literally: one who gets his ass fucked)
Gadha: Idiot (literally: Donkey)
Ghelchodia: Idiot
Gaand ka makhan: Butter from the ass
Gaand main lassan: Garlic in ass
Gaand main danda, GMD: Stick in ass
Gaand main keera: Bug up your ass
Gaand marau: Person who gets fucked up the ass
Gaand marna: to take advantage of someone (literally: to fuck someone in the ass)
Gaand mein bambu: A bamboo up your ass
Gaand mein teetar ke baal hona: To be very active person (literally: Ass having hair of Frankolin)
Gaand mein ungli daal ke baas lena: to be a stingy person (literally: To insert finger into ass and smell it)
Gaandmasti: Extra playfulness (rude term)
Gaandfat: Busted ass
Gaandkate Kutte: A dog with his ass scooped out
GPL (Gaand pe laat): to kick someone out (literally: kick in ass)
Ghasti / gashti / gasti / ghassad: Hooker
Gora ladka ko desi chut chahiye: White boy wants desi pussy
Goti muh mein hai: my balls have popped up to my mouth
Gote kitne bhi bade ho, lund ke niche hi rehte hai: However big the balls might be, they have to stay beneath the penis
Gaand Asshole (definition)
Gaand Maarna To Fuck in the Ass
Gaandu Asshole (person)
Gastee; Gusti Prostitute
Gundmaraa Ass Fucked (man)
Gundmari Ass Fucked (lady)
this original list, found at
Hamari le rahe hai: They are screwing us (literally: they are taking ours)
Haan bey chutiya: Yes, asshole?
Haanmein chutya hoon teri maa ko pata hai: Your mom knows me well, asshole
Hazaar lund teri gaand main: Thousand dicks in your ass
Haraam Zaada: Bastard
Haraami: Bastard
Heelaakey (hilakey) de sakti ho?: Can you shake it for me?
Hug, hugna, hugnaa: to shit
Hijra (hijde): Gay, Transsexual
Haraamjaada Son of Unknown father
Haraamjaadi Daughter ” ” ” ”
Haraamkhor; Haraam ke khaane wale Who eat from the money generated from bad sources.
Haraam ki chudi Fucked by someone other then Husband.
Haraam ka chuda Son of Unknown father
Hijdaa; Hijraa Impotent
this original list, found at
Ing ge pan di kut teh: You are a pig
this original list, found at
Jaa Apni Bajaa: Go fuck yourself
Jab tu paida hua tho aagey se ya peechey se nikla tha chutiya?: When you were born, did you come out from the front or the back?
Januwar: Animal
Jhaat chaatu: Pubic hair licker
Jhat ke baal: Pubic hair
Jhaat ka bhaaji: Pubic hair fried with vegetables
Jhalla: gay Faggot, fairy
Jhaant ke pissu: Bug of pubic hair
Janam jala / Janam jali Cursed; Unlucky
Jhaant Pubic hair; Genital Hairs
Jhaant ka baal One Pubic Hair; “Nothing Compared to me”
Jhaant Ukhaadna Pay Least Harm; Hurt a Bit
Jhad jaana Jerk; Cum
Jhaad diya Jerked
Jhund Insult
Jhandu Stupid
this original list, found at
Kaamchor: Lazy person (literally: work thief)
Kanjus: Cheap person
Kanjus Mukhichus: Cheap person
Khota: Donkey
Kuttiya: Bitch
Kamina: bastard
kuthi for girl, kutha for guy (means b!tch)
Kaam ho gaya: to have gotten laid (literally: work has been completed)
Kadak maal: Hot girl (literally: hard goods)
Kahe ko kha raha hai chut ki chapati aur lund ka beja?: Why are boring me with all this useless narrative?
Kali Choot Ke Safaid Jhaat: White hair of a black pussy
Kali Chut ka Safaid Jhaat: White hair of a black pussy
Katla (cutlu, kat lund): someone who’s dick has been cut; circumcised. this term is mostly used to denigrate Muslims
Khotey ki aulda: Son of donkey
KLPD (Khade Lund Pe Dhoka) / खड़े लंड पे धोका: sexual frustration, blue balls; a letdown, a disappointment (literally: betrayal on a hard penis, getting no sex when your dick is up)
Kutte ka awlat: Son of a dog
Kutte ka beej: Semen of a dog
Kutte ki jat: Breed of dog
Kutte ke tatte: Dog’s balls
Kutte ke poot, teri maa ki choot: Son of a dog, your mother’s pussy
Kya aapko gora lund pasand hai / kya aapko gora lund achha lagta hai: Do you like white dick?
Kya aapne kal baburao ki aag bujhaaii: did you put out the fire on your dick
kya aap bujhaa rahe ho

Kya aap mere bachheki ma bannewaali ho: Is it my child?
Kya aap ungli kar sakti ho / behenji kya aap ungli karti ho / maine ussay ungli karai: can you stick your finger in?
Kya kadak hai ye: What a hot girl she is (literally: kadak=hard)
Kya maal hai ye: What a hot girl she is (literally: maal=goods)
Kya tujhe choosna hai: Will you suck it?
Kutchudi Fucked by Dogs
Kutta Dog
Kutiya Bitch
Kutte ka lund Dick of a Dog
Kutte ke pilley Son of a Dog
Kutiya ke pilley Son of a Bitch
Khasmanu khaani Husband’s Killer; Prostitute
this original list, found at
Lavde ke bal: Hair on your penis
Loda, Lauda, Lawda, lavde, lavda: penis, dick, cock
Lund: Penis, dick, cock
Lund Chus: Suck dick
Lund choosu: Cock sucker
Lund fakir (lund fakeer): one who begs for sex (literally: saint of dicks, beggar’s dick)
Lund fekh ke maroonga toh tera poora khandan chud jayega chutmarike
Lund ka bheja: Brain of penis
Lund pe chad ja: Go ride a dick
Lund pe thand hai: Even my dicks absolutely cool! (I don’t care)
Lund Ke Pasine: Sweat of dick
Lund ka shorba: Semen of dick
Lundoos: Born into this world from a dick
Lavander: Dick head
Lavde ke baal: Dick hair
Ladkichod Daughter Fucker
Landait With Cock
Lodu; Lodoo Stupid; Nonsense
Londiyachod Daughter fucker
this original list, found at
Madar chod: Mother fucker
Maa ke bable: Mother’s breasts
Maa ke bhadwe (bhadve): Mother’s pimp
Ma chudi: Mother’s fucked
Majdoor ko khodne aur baap ko chodne nahi seekatey: You don’t have to teach a worker how to dig or your father how to fuck
Mammey (mumm-aye): Breasts
Mangachinamun: Idiot
MCBC: Madar Chod Bhen Chod
Mein teri maa ko liya tha uski suhaag raat pei: I had your mother on her wedding night.
Mein teri maa ko teri bhen ki choot mein chodoonga aur tera baap laltern lekar aayega: I will fuck your mom in your sister’s cunt and your dad will bring a lantern.
Mera ganna mere dil se bada hai: My penis is bigger than my heart
Mera lungi me havas ki aag lagi hai: My underpants are burning with lust
Mera pass nile rang ke gend hai: I have blue balls
Mera lund dus inch lamba hai: My dick is 10 inches long
Mera lundh choos: Suck my dick
Mera Chuus Maro: Suck my dick
Mera sahib mujhe chutiya banata hai: My boss is making me an idiot
Meri chunni choos: Suck my clit
Meri Gand Ka Khatmal: Bug of my Ass
Lo, mera lund apni behen ko de do, agar khud na chod paya: Take my dick and give it to your sister if you can’t fuck her yourself
Mujhe aap ko chodna hai: I want to fuck you
Mujhe aap ko lagana hai: I want to fuck you (literally: I want to touch you)
Mujhe aap ko thokna hai: I want to fuck you (literally: I want to hammer you)
Mujhe aap ki chut chahiye: I want your pussy
Mujhe chut chahiye: I want pussy
Mujhe chut marni hai: I am hitting that pussy
Mujhe chodne ki bhukh lagi hai: I hunger to fuck
Mujhe hugnaa hai: I have to take a shit
Mujhe jor ki lagi hai, mujhe jor ki buhkh lagi hai: I have to take a shit (literally: the shit is ready to come out in strength)
Mujhe peshaab karna hai: I have to take a piss
Mujhe tumhe chodna: I want to fuck you
Mujhe tumhe lagana: I want to fuck you (literally: I want to touch you)
Mujhe tumhe thokna: I want to fuck you (literally: I want to hammer you)
Mujhe uska chodna hai: I will fuck that one
Mujhe (insert name here) ko chodna hai: I want to fuck (insert name here)
Moot; Mootna: Piss off
Mutar: pee
Muth maar: Go piss
Muth marna, mooth marna, mutth marna: Masturbate (literally: use your fist)
Mutthal: one who masturbates
Maadarchod Mother Fucker
Maa ki choot Mother’s Pussy
Maa ke laude Dick for Mother
Maa chudaa Let your Mother Fuck
Maal Semen; Babe
Mast Maal Real Babe
Maha Gaandu Great Asshole
this original list, found at
Na chhot, na chooche, nakhre noor jahan ke!: No pussy, no boobs, and still behaves like a princess!
Najayaz: Illegitimate
Najayaz paidaish: Illegitimately born
Netrachodan mat kar: stop eye fucking
Nimbu sharbat: Flat-chested
this original list, found at
Paad: fart
Paadu kaun: who farted?
Pakka chutiye: ripened idiot
Paadu kaun: who farted?
Padma: Fat Bitch
Parichod: Angel fucker
Phatele Nirodh ke Natije: Your are the result of a torn condom
Pucchi: Pussy
Paagal; Paggal; Pagali Mad
Paagal choda Stupid; Fucked by a Mad
Pisaab; Peshaab Piss; Pee
Potty To Shit
this original list, found at
Rundi: Hooker
Randhwa (or randwa) Male prostitute
Raand ka jamai: Son-in-law of a whore
Rand chod: Whore fucker
Raandi baajer: Whore fucker
Rubber bhosda: Rubber pussy
Rundi apni chut leka ana: Whore, bring your pussy
Rundi ka bacha: Son of a whore
Rundi ki bachi: Daughter of a whore
Rundi ko chowd: Screw a hooker
Rundi khana: whore house
Rundi ko chowd: Go fuck a prostitute
Rundi ke tatti pe biathne wala makhi: Fly sitting on a whore’s shit
Rundi ki tatti pe baithne waali makkhi: The fly that sits on the ass of a whore
Raand ka pati: Husband of a whore
Raand Whore
Raapchik Blonde; Babe
Rakhail Keep; Little Wife
Rundee Prostitute
this original list, found at
Saala: idiot (literally: brother-in-law)
Saala kutta: Bloody dog
Saali kutti: Bloody bitch
Sali Kuta: Stupid Bastard
Sali Kutti: Stupid Bitch
Sadi hui gaand: Stinking ass
Soover: Pig (Very offensive to Muslims)
Sewwer ki bachi: Son of pig
Suwwar; Sooar Pig
Suwwar ka bachcha Son of a pig
Suwwar ki bachchi Daughter of a pig
Suwwar ke lund Dick of a pig
Suwwariya Female Pig
Seal Bund / Seal Pack Virgin
Sarkandi Lady who masturbates with things like wood
this original list, found at
Tatti: Shit
Tatti Shit; Stool
Tatte Masalna: Ball smashing/crushing
Tera baap ki chut aur maa ke laude: Your father’s cunt and your mother’s dick
Tere adha Nirodh mein rah gaya: The rest of you was left in the condom
Tere maa ko sau kutte chode – sau wa tera baap: Your mom got fucked by 100 dogs – the 100th one being your dad
Tere baap ki chut mai teri maa ka land: Your mother’s penis in your father’s vagina
Tere gaand mein keede paday: May worms infest your ass-hole
Tere baad di gaand wich dhanda gussa ker rakdhungi: I am going to put a pill in your damn ass.
Tere lund pe dhai kilo ka hatoda: a 2.5 kg hammer struck your penis
Teri behen ka lavda rubber ka: Your sister has a dick made of rubber!
Teri gaand main kute ka lund: A dog’s dick in your ass
Teri maa gandi rundi: Your mother is a filthy whore
Teri maa chadha ka lund choos: Your mother sucks donkey dick
Teri maa ki: (see “Teri maa ki chut”)
Teri maa ki aankh: Your mother’s eyes (polite way to tell someone off without telling them “teri maa ki chut”)
Teri maa ka bhosada: Your mother’s swollen pussy
Teri maa ki bimaar badboodar choot: Your mom’s diseased smelly cunt
Teri maa ki phudi guy ki hai: Your mother has a cow’s pussy
Teri maa ka bhosda: Your mother’s breasts
Teri maa ki chut: Your mother’s pussy
Teri maa ki choot me hathi ka dum: An elephant’s trunk in you mother’s cunt
Teri maa ki chut mein chatri leke hgus jaunga aur khol dunga: I will enter your mother’s pussy with an umbrella and open it there.
Teri maa ki chut mai sabka lund: Everyone’s dick in your mom’s pussy
Teri maa ki gaand ki baal mein jalaay hue, maarey hue chupkili ki unday: There are burnt, dead lizard eggs in the hair around your mother’s ass.
Teri ma ki bund mein chaarpai bichhake teri bhen ko chodun: I will put a bed in your mother’s cunt and fuck your sister on it.
Teri Jhanten Kaat kar tere mooh par laga kar unki french beard bana doonga: I will cut your pubic hair and stick them on your face and make a goatee on your face.
Teri gand Mein Haathi Ka Lund: Elephant’s dick in your ass
Teri mi di kussi mey tera sarra khandan ko ggussa ker rakhdoungi: I’m going to put your whole family in your mom’s ass.
Teri Biwiko Theri Saamne Chodhunga: I will fuck your wife in front of you
Toota hua lund: Broken dick
Tor mai ke chodho: Get back in your mother’s womb
Toto: Penis
Tum chutiya ho: You are an idiot
Tum chutiya hai ek number ka: You are number 1 chutiya
Tumhare do panv ke bich me khajana hai voh mujhe chahiye: I want the treasure there between your two legs
this original list, found at
Ullu ke pathe: Idiot (lit. son of an owl)
Ulloo ka patthaa Owl’s Son; Stupid
Ulloo Choda Stupid; Fucked by an Owl
Uska kaam kya: did you fuck her? (literally: did you work her?)
this original list, found at
Virya; Veerya